Australian Children’s Prayer Network

Caribbean Children’s Prayer Network

Children in Prayer - England/UK 'The Roar'

Children’s Equipping Centre International House of Prayer, Kansas City

Children’s Prayer Network South Africa

Generation of Destiny

Generation2generation - Ministry of Daphne Kirk

Global Prayer Resources - Much information for more effective intercession

International Prayer Council

Kids in Ministry International - Becky Fischer Ministry

Kids in His Presence - Nurturing A child's Affection to Papa God

Kid's Prayer Facilitation - A Web-site of World Network of Prayer

National Children’s Prayer Network (USA)

Max 7 online free material on prayer

Pebbles and Stones - Books and teaching on prayer

Presidential Prayer Team for Kids

Royal Kids India - Helping orphan and poor children through education and teaching them to pray

World Weekend of Prayer for Children at Risk

World Shapers Club - prayer calendar, prayer tools and prayer news

Join community group The Roar
A growing movement of children/people involved in BEING and raising a generation who know how to pray and engage with others in prayer and action on behalf of children at risk.

Prayer Spaces in Schools - A movement that started in UK as a spin-off from 24/7prayer ( and has lot of ideas how to build comteplative/playful prayer spaces for children in schools, churches and events.

Children House of Prayer is a Movement that started in India with the Royalkids ( ) in 1991.

Houses of Prayer on Mexico borders, Children's ministry training material from a webinar

Children and teens in prayer - resources and links

Prayer Covenant for Children - Their mission is : Leading children and adults to follow Jesus through the power of the prayer covenant. They have developed a 10 step program to train children to pray and share their faith.

Kids Justice House of Prayer (KJHP) is about teaching children at an early age how to hear the voice of God and cultivating within them a heart for prayer and intercession. KJHP is located in a slum village of Phnom Penh, Cambodia