Written by Admin 17 Mar 2015

International Children Intercessors Conference 2015 will be our 11th year we host this gathering. Over 1000 children from different parts of India specially from families that are considered untouchables in India like the children of the lepors, prostitutes, gypsies, Dalits (lowest caste of our hierarchal system) and thrown away children will come together. We will also have international delegates from over 10-15 nations present  as in every year. Those four days will be a time of interceding, worshiping and releasing the Father's heart over the children present, over nations, pastors, leaders, families and churches.


These children who were once considered trash are today raising their voices to say YES!!!

Each of these 1000 are a part of a Children House of Prayer  (CHOP). Over 20 children gather in each of the communities everyday to intercede. These children when off from school run 24, 48 or 72hours of worship in their community CHOP. Through these children, families, communities and cities have been transformed and saved.

This ICIC we are inviting houses of prayer from every nation to come. Our heart vision and focus is on Malachi 4:6.  We have seen God releasing the Father's heart over these children and on our international delegates every year. But this year we will receive Houses of Prayer run by adults as the FATHERS and the Children Houses of Prayer as the CHILDREN in accordance with Malachi 4:6

We believe, when houses of prayer representing the fathers and children come together, revival will spark in every nation. Let generations connect and the heart of the Father be established among His people.

It's time to release children. It's time for the fathers to pass the batons to their children.

Dates: Aug 6-9th, 2015
Venue: Chennai, India
Closest Airport: Chennai International Airport.
Airport Code: MAA
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please be in prayer for the success of the ICIC and also for the Royal Kids ministry which is helping  tens of thousands of children in coming to Christ, becoming intercessors and also with their educational needs. They are under a lot of pressure right now and need our prayer support.