Australian Children’s Prayer Network

Caribbean Children’s Prayer Network

Children in Prayer - England/UK 'The Roar'

Children’s Equipping Centre International House of Prayer, Kansas City

Children’s Prayer Network South Africa

Generation of Destiny

Generation2generation - Ministry of Daphne Kirk

Global Prayer Resources - Much information for more effective intercession

International Prayer Council

Kids in Ministry International - Becky Fischer Ministry

Kids in His Presence - Nurturing A child's Affection to Papa God

Kid's Prayer Facilitation - A Web-site of World Network of Prayer

National Children’s Prayer Network (USA)

Max 7 online free material on prayer

Pebbles and Stones - Books and teaching on prayer

Presidential Prayer Team for Kids

Royal Kids India - Helping orphan and poor children through education and teaching them to pray

World Weekend of Prayer for Children at Risk

World Shapers Club - prayer calendar, prayer tools and prayer news

Join community group The Roar
A growing movement of children/people involved in BEING and raising a generation who know how to pray and engage with others in prayer and action on behalf of children at risk.

Prayer Spaces in Schools - A movement that started in UK as a spin-off from 24/7prayer ( and has lot of ideas how to build comteplative/playful prayer spaces for children in schools, churches and events.

Children House of Prayer is a Movement that started in India with the Royalkids ( ) in 1991.

Houses of Prayer on Mexico borders, Children's ministry training material from a webinar

Children and teens in prayer - resources and links

Prayer Covenant for Children - Their mission is : Leading children and adults to follow Jesus through the power of the prayer covenant. They have developed a 10 step program to train children to pray and share their faith.