Strategic Ideas to extend the Children In Prayer Movement

Written by Tety Irwan 05 Dec 2013
Strategic Ideas to extend the Children In Prayer Movement

These suggestions and recommendations come from the Children in Prayer global consultation. For more information or to get involved, please contact Tety Irwan This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Irma Chon This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Strategy to connect children of Egypt and the Middle East in a new real effective and practical way.  (From different backgrounds)
Creative arts to children (Music, dance and painting) and also other creative ideas.
New ideas in media to reach out to children of this time in a challenging and encouraging way.

A. Identify prayer networks that currently exist. Ask people to share what they are doing as a report. We can categorise what's happening.
B. Identify existing ministries to support these especially focused on the youth ministries, many of which are already interdenominational to bring these to a different level.
Connect these (intergenerational to 4-14 window)
Vision to see 24-7 house of prayer (intergenerational vision)
Follow-up to determine next step.
Possibility: local pages on IPC website

Start from one church locally à pilot project
Do family- oriented activity. Legislation/parents need to be present.
Music/ musicals/ discipling (JCPPII- Choirs in Finland)
Moms in prayer/ Deborah arise!
Prayer triplets for children

Prayer: Pray for open doors in order to be able to reach out to the children and youths.
Action: Reaching out to them in local churches, neighborhood and communities and also networking with those that are children workers so that we cab bring/share our prayer elements with them.
Identify youths and support youths and children with talents.
Find/discover the needs of these children and youths and get them supported.

Database development of churches, denominations, Para churches working among children and youth. Deadline 31st Jan 2014. Onasis will send in the available information
Vision Casting and Networking ( State or Regional ). Regional leaders will host this.
Identifying challenges faced by children and youth. Regional meetings will carry out this task.

Raise Awareness among churches through advocacy (also using the website as a tool)
Provide information on what and why to pray in order to ignite prayer
Collaborate- partnering for training.
To equip and train teams to reach children and youth according to the context where they live. Example: Teams to go to street kids, who are often drug addicts and pray for them. To young people in universities or college students.

To make the website available to entities like daycare and schools offering them the availability to the team to go and develop nuclei of prayer with them.
To create an App, a prayer application for teenagers and youth

The app should also include:
-     Request of prayer à international, national
-     Prayer strategies
-     Contact young intercessors
-     How to become a young intercessors
-     And more