Egypt - Children in Prayer Update

Written by John Robb 01 Feb 2011
Egypt - Children in Prayer Update

In 2009, seven conferences for children in prayer were held in different parts of Egypt.

In 2010, the focus to teach the children was how “to love, know, and wait for Him through His Word”. Children showed appetite to read the Bible, and God did speak to them through dreams and visions. In March of 2010, the National Conference of Prayer saw children sharing at the assembly with many being filled with the Holy Spirit. More dreams and visions ensued with some children receiving signs regarding their churches. Also in 2010, two conferences were held to train leaders of children; 200 leaders from all around the country were present.

For 2011, God gave Isaiah 44:3-5—that there will be many children who will separate themselves for God from this generation after the pouring out of the Holy Spirit.  A Praise and Prayer conference will be held in February with the theme “I am Yours”.

Please pray:

1.    That 1,500 children from ages 8 to 18 will be able to attend the Praise and Prayer event in February, that they will find safe travel, and that they be protected in every way from evil harm.
2.    That this recorded event will be broadcast and seen by many as a great blessing to children in Arab countries especially.
3.    That God gift those who administer the Praise and Prayer event with wisdom, knowledge, organization, insight, protection, and financial support.
4.    For the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to raise up many spiritual leaders from a young age who will be used to impact Egypt for advancement of the Kingdom of God.