World Weekend of Prayer

Written by Andrew Dubock 11 Apr 2014
World Weekend of Prayer
We live in a world where over a third of all births in urban areas are not registered, where 61 million primary-aged children are not enrolled in school and where 275 million children witness domestic violence each year. Through no fault of their own, tens of thousands of vulnerable children live day-by-day without the love and support of others.
The theme of this year's World Weekend of Prayer - held on 7-8 June 2014 - is 'child-friendly communities'. Our desire is to turn to God together in prayer for a change of attitude and action by all communities around the world towards their children.
We're calling on Christians wherever they are that weekend to join us in praying that marginalised children would be loved and protected, that leaders would be wise in creating policies, and that churches would have a heart for children in their communities.
Please be part of this global prayer campaign, which brings together over 140,000 adults and children from 40 countries, praying in 24 languages. It's very powerful when vulnerable children take part in praying for children at risk in other countries, as well as for adults and leaders in their own communities.
At you will find various resources, including our resource guide - which I've attached here - plus activities for all ages, a meditation video and a theological reflection. Translated materials will be available in May.  
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Andrew Dubock Communications Manager, World Weekend of Prayer